Episode 6: Batumi-Kutaisi

Batumi, Kutaisi and a Georgian feast

As mentioned in our Newsletter (you can still subscribe here), our first minutes in Georgian country were in a Marshrutka including a large flat TV screen airing Britney Spears latest video. We spent the rest of the day exploring Batumi, which is a mix of Atlantic City and La Havana. We enjoyed the area quite a lot as it has some relaxing and a typical sea resort atmosphere.
On our last day in Batumi, we visited the country side of the Adjarian region and its lushly green landscapes in the company of Giorgi from Batumi Fun.

Kutaisi was our next stop, 150km away from Batumi. The city has less casinos and gambling places than Batumi but more history starting with the incredible Bagrati Cathedral (UNESCO site) overlooking the city. After 35 days of sunny weather, our luck ran out and rain caught us back (4 days in a row).

we did specifically enjoy:

The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece

  • Medea and the Golden Fleece statue in the center of Batumi. It reminded us that this country hosted Jason and the Argonauts’ quest for the Golden Fleece.
  • The introduction to the Georgian Feast by Giorgi and his father. In short the most senior guest acts as the Toastmaster (Tamada) and gets to decide when the others drink. It is also accompanied by a lot of delicious dishes.
  • The food (once again…), Georgian cuisine is rich of flavours and fresh vegetables.
  • The Colchis Fountain of Kutaisi, Magali’s favorite, with its enlarged models of ancient golden artifacts found in the surroundings.


  • Batumi: Hotel Mireosi, nice and well located, except for the 2 very drunk ladies who entered our room in the middle of the night! Note to ourselves: next time remember to lock the door when in a country where alcohol is not prohibited!
  • Kutaisi: Discovery hotel (after a terrible night at the Lux Palace Hotel), centrally located, the room was confortable!


  • Batumi: Mangal, our favourite in Georgia so far! Delicious food…which comes at a price but totally worth it!
  • Batumi: Shemoikhede Genatsvale, local food and inexpensive
  • Kutaisi: Palaty, cafe with a lot of atmosphere and very good food
  • Kutaisi: El Depo, typical Georgian joint, a lot of Khinkalis (Georgian dumplings) and a lot of people drinking and smoking like there is no tomorrow…

best kept secret tip

In Kutaisi, we took the Marshrutka to the Gelati Monastery at 11 am (behind the theatre). We were extremely lucky to visit it on a Sunday morning, since a religious office was held there. We spent almost an hour (in the Cathedral building) listening to the wonderful choir.

Beach in Batumi

Beach in Batumi

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